eServices Sign In

eServices Sign In is a Single Sign On (SSO) solution with multi-factor Authentication (MFA) that offers secure personalised access to Cayman Islands Government online services.

eServices Sign In provides:

  • ​Access to a growing range of Cayman Islands Government online services with a single account, reducing the need to remember different user IDs and passwords for different services.
  • A streamlined user experience across Government online services; sign in once, and move freely between a range of services without having to sign in again.
  • Increased protection from criminals accessing your account by requiring a one-time passcode from an authenticator app, a text-message to a mobile in your possession, or an email to an email account to which you have access.
  • Self-service capability, enabling customers to change or reset forgotten passwords, find out forgotten usernames, change the associated email and mobile number.

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Online services that use eServices Sign In

The following platforms have seamless access with eServices Sign In. This means that once you have signed in to any one of them, you will be able to access the others without having to sign in again:

The following platforms also use the same eServices Sign In username and password, however for the time being you have to sign in to each one independently: 
Company Search
Customs Online
Driver and Vehicle Licensing
Education Scholarships
Register of Interests

The services below have been partially enrolled into eServices Sign In. You use the same username and passoword that you use for eServices Sign In, but you have to sign in to each one independantly:

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with eServices Sign In

Anybody may create an eServices Sign In account; there are no eligibility criteria. To create an account, click on the blue Sign In button at the top of this page, then click the link to "Create an account".
  • Username: this can be almost anything you choose, you can use an email or combination of letters, numbers, periods, dashes or underscores however you should think strategically because it cannot be changed once set. You don't need to remember it though, as you can always sign in using your email address instead of your username.
  • First and Last Names: We recommend that you use your real names, as it may help us provide support to you in the future.
  • Email Address: Enter your email address. This can be any address that has not already been used to create an eServices account. We recommend:
    • If your eServices Sign In account is for personal purposes, use a personal email address in preference to a work email address, so that you can retain access in the event that you move jobs. 
    • If your eServices Sign In account is for work purposes, use a work email address.  Consideration maybe necessary as to how the business will retain access to the account if you leave the organisation.
You will be sent an email to verify that you have entered the email address correctly and that you have access to the email account. Click the link in the email, provide a password, and your account has been created!

While that’s all that is required for your eServices Sign In account, we recommend you consider adding a mobile number to your account and/or setting adding an authenticator app to your account as an alternative to ensure there is an alternative to the email for MFA.  This will allow you to retain control of your eServices Sign In account in the event you lose access to your email.

You can view and download the eServices Sign In manual here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions regarding eServices Sign In are listed below. For all other FAQs, please refer to our FAQ page.

Please click the Forgot Password link on the Sign In page. Enter the email associated with your account, and we will send an email to that address with further instructions.

If you setup an Authenticator App with eServices Sign In, you can remove it from your account by clicking here, then clicking the menu button and clicking Delete to remove the device. Note that you must have signed in first using a code from the Authenticator App. If you have lost access to the app, then please contact and we will remove the old device from your account for you.

This message means that you have another eServices account that is already linked to your driver's licence.

  • If you have another account, please sign out and sign in again using the other account.
  • If you don't know which account is linked to your driver's licence, please contact the DVDL Helpdesk (email: or phone: +1 (345) 945-8344  and select Option 1 from the Menu) and ask that your Driver's Licence be reassigned to your new account.

The General Registry Helpdesk will be happy to help you resolve this problem. Please contact the General Registry at or call them on +1 (345) 946-7922.

This usually happens if you are already signed-in in another browser tab or window and it is often resolved by ensuring that no other browser windows are open.  Please follow the steps below to gain access:

  1. Close all browser windows
  2. Go back to the eServices Sign In page
  3. Click Forgot Password and follow steps to reset password.

Otherwise, we suggest that you try to sign in from a different browser or use incognito/private mode. 

Contact us for assistance

If you are having trouble signing in to a Cayman Islands Government system with your eServices username and password, you may wish to try recovering your username or resetting your password. Note that if you do not have access to the email address associated with your eServices account, it is not possible to reinstate access to your account, and you should register a new eServices account by selecting the "Create an account" link on the Sign In page.

Question about an online service? For support matters related to a specific online service, please address your enquiry directly to the line-of-business helpdesk below. If you need help signing in, please contact
Company Search
(345) 346-7922
Customs Online
(345) 649-4579
Immigration Online
(345) 945-9672
(345) 945-9672
Police Clearance Certificates
(345) 649-4924
Register of Interests
(345) 244-3685
Scholarship Applications
(345) 244-2482 / 2492
Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing
(345) 945-8344 Option 1
(345) 949-8092