Employment Services Unit FAQ

A job seeker is an individual who is seeking employment and may be employed, part-time employed or unemployed.

Job seeking, or job searching is when a person is looking for employment, due to unemployment, underemployment, or a desire to enhance or change their current job.

Yes. There are three (3) different types of job seeker registration categories as follows:

  • Job Seeker-Non-Caymanians with current rights to work seeking employment who can register to have access to available jobs and refer themselves. No other benefits apply, no contact will be received from WORC. You may review and apply for job opportunities.
  • Job Seeker Plus-Caymanians seeking employment who wish to have access to available jobs and training opportunities.No contact will be received from WORC, however you may register for training when applicable and available and review and apply for job opportunities. You are required to follow up on the outcomes of job applications.
  • Job Seeker Extended Caymanians seeking employment who wish to have access to available jobs and training opportunities, however is requesting WORC to provide job search support. You will be contacted to commence delivery of relevant services.

When registering and completing your job seeker profile, selecting Yes to “Do you want to participate in the Job Assistance Programme” will place you in the category for assistance which will afford you access to an Employment Services Officer, training and development opportunities, job referrals and other support. If you wish to remain an independent job seeker, you do not select that option.

WORC’s Employment Services Unit supports the Job Seeker Assist category.

Following approval of your Job Seeker Assist profile, where you have selected that you wish have job search assistance, the Employment Services Unit will contact you to carry you through the client onboarding process. This will involve an agency orientation, assignment of an Employment Services Officer who will conduct assessments. This will be followed by resume review, career action planning and the jobs referral process. You will have regular communication with your Employment Services officer (ESO) who will partner with you to support your job search goals.

In order to effectively deliver job seeker support, Job Seeker Assist clients are required at minimum to: · Attend meetings with assigned Employment Services Officer (ESO) as agreed.

  • Notify the ESO when unable to attend to ensure all clients have the benefit of timely appointments that can reallocated.
  • Participate in the agreed career action planning process which can include recommended training and development and other identified external support services.
  • Keep in regular contact with the ESO
  • Respond to contact by ESO in relation to job recommendation
  • Attend interviews as may be scheduled and update ESO on outcomes where possible
  • Immediately advise ESO should employment be obtained independent of WORC

WORC Employment Services Unit maintains relations with government agencies that supply support services and upon an assessed and mutually agreed need, will provide referral to the relevant key external support agency.

If you have selected that you wanted to receive job search support, and have not heard anything  after two (2) weeks, please contact the WORCemploymentservices@gov.ky for assistance or call 649-8087.

You may contact WORC toll free (no charge) at 1-800-534-9672 and request to be transferred to your Employment Services Officer.  

Other governmental agencies may require you to be a registered job seeker where you may be requesting services, especially where it may involve application for  forms of financial support to be received from the Cayman Islands government.  

A.  You may make a request by emailing jobscaymanhelp@gov.ky.

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