Three Caymanian Apprentices Complete Healthcare Certification

Three Caymanian ladies have completed an intensive Care Certificate Programme within the first year of the 2-year apprenticeship programme and are now fully eligible to practice as Healthcare Assistants in the Cayman Islands.

The trio, comprising:

  1. Ashley Swaby, who embarked on this path on May 30, 2022,
  2. Latysha Powell, also beginning on May 30, and
  3. Tishawana Gauntlett, joining the ranks on September 20, 2022,

are now well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to the local healthcare scene.


These significant accomplishments are the fruits of a collaboration between Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) and Integra Healthcare. The programme was developed to provide each apprentice with two years of structured on-the-job practical experience and guidance at the end of which, they will have earned a Care Certificate.

"Seeing the success of our apprenticeship programme in collaboration with Integra Healthcare has been truly inspiring. The dedication and growth of these young Caymanians highlight the potential of such initiatives," remarked WORC Director Jeremy Scott. "We wholeheartedly encourage other Caymanians to seize similar opportunities, ensuring a brighter and more skilled future for our country."

The apprenticeship initiative with Integra Healthcare is merely one among several opportunities open to Caymanians who sign up with WORC. In 2023, it was among the six (6) training and development contracts facilitated by WORC in collaboration with the following partners; The Wellness Centre, Innovative Management and Professional Training (IMPT), Inspire Cayman Training Ltd (ICT), International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI), and Cayman Career Academy (CCA).

Currently, there are several training and development opportunities underway namely, Inspire Cayman’s Core Curriculum course which starts on October 23rd, along with Cohort 39 of Passport2Success and the Ready2Work programme which are geared toward Caymanians who require tooling and upskilling in accessing and maintaining long-term employment. New course opportunities available for 2024 will be released in November.

            Hon. Isaac Rankine, Minister of Labour noted that, “This apprenticeship programme symbolizes the success of the collaboration between WORC and Integra Healthcare which creates opportunities for Caymanians to shine in the healthcare sector. Congratulations to our newest healthcare assistants, embodying the spirit of Cayman resilience and progress.”

“We remain committed to our vision of fostering more such collaborations to open up further training and development opportunities for young Caymanians to take up careers in various industries across the Cayman Islands. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts these three young professionals will make in their respective fields”, stated Katherine Whittaker, Head of WORC Labour Demands, Development & Training.

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