WORC Director Confirmed

For Immediate Release

Grand Cayman, 31 March 2023 - After a long recruitment process, Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) announces that Mr Jeremy Scott has been confirmed as the Director.

Mr Scott holds 26 years of service with the Cayman Islands Government and started his career at legacy Immigration as an Immigration Officer. After seven years in this role, he was promoted to Senior Immigration Officer, then in 2010 was promoted to Assistant Chief Immigration Officer.  In this role he managed operations and investigations in the Enforcement Division and often acted as Deputy Chief of Enforcement as well as Deputy Chief of Border Control with a short tenure Acting as Director of Boards, which meant overseeing management of Immigration Boards and Administrators. In 2018, Mr. Scott further advanced his career securing the role as Deputy Director of Compliance upon the creation of WORC.

His experience with laws and regulations relating to Caymanian status, permanent residency, business staffing plans, general working facilities  and overall experience in leadership roles during his civil service career is exceptionally valuable to the current post. His leadership in Compliance and involvement with Customer Care has allowed him to become well rounded in all areas, making him an ideal choice to lead the department.

Mr Scott says “I am grateful for the ability to continue to lead the organisation which provides an important service for the economy and people of the Cayman Islands. Having acted as Interim Director for intervals since 2020, has afforded me the opportunity to build strong working relationship with my colleagues where we have overcome many challenges, achieved numerous successes and celebrated wins collectively.  I look forward to leading the organisation along with my colleagues, as we remain focused on promoting employment opportunities for Caymanians whilst equally ensuring economic prosperity for our Islands.

Deputy Governor Hon Franz Manderson said “Mr Scott’s vast experience and career with the Immigration Department  made him a great fit for the Director role.  I am especially pleased that we promoted from within the Department   which speaks well to the training and development of our staff.  Having worked with Jeremy for over 15 years, I can attest to his exemplary character, strong work ethic, passion and commitment to the job”.

Recognising section 55 of the Cayman Islands Constitution, Minister for Border Control & Labour, Hon., Dwayne Seymour said “While I had no role in the selection process, I express my congratulations to Mr Scott in his role as the confirmed Director of WORC.  In my interactions with him he has always been professional and helpful and his long service career with the civil service means he brings a lot of skills and experience to be able to lead such an organisation.”

“I am delighted that Mr Scott has been confirmed as the Director of WORC.  I am confident that he will continue leading the organization to great accomplishments.” Said Chief Officer Wesley Howell. Who continued, “Mr Scott worked his way up from the most junior levels in Immigration Department and is well-trained and experienced to lead the WORC department forward.”

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