WORC Issued 2022 Fourth Quarter Administrative Fines

For Immediate Release

Grand Cayman, 4 April 2023 - During the fourth quarter of 2022, Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) levied administrative fines amounting to CI$82,690.00 on companies and individuals in breach of the Immigration (Transition) Act, (2022 Revision).

The fined offences include:

  • Employment without a work permit;

  • Making a false representation;

  • Providing incomplete details;

  • Unlawful payment of a work permit

  • Employment outside the terms and conditions of a work permit;

  • Working outside of the terms of a work permit;

  • Working without a work permit;

  • Failure to disclose Caymanian applicant;

  • Obstruction of Officers;

  • Failure to answer truthfully; and

  • Failure to notify the Board

For the year 2022, there were one hundred and fifty three (153) breaches for a total fine amount of CI $351,660.00 of which CI $320,210 were collected, CI $30,400 still to be collected and CI $7,250 deemed uncollectable.

The fourth quarter fines related to forty eight (48) offences with the top main offences being employing persons without a permit; persons working outside terms and conditions of a work permit and making a false representation.  

WORC Director Jeremy Scott said, “We acknowledge a delay in processing, however employers who become impatient and allow their workers to work without permits or to work outside of their permit terms may open themselves up to greater scrutiny and may be flagged as high risk, potentially perpetuating delays in future processing of applications.”

WORC will continue to investigate reports made to them. Individuals who want to make a complaint or provide information about illegal working activities or other breaches of the Immigration Act may do so anonymously by completing the online form on under the Complaints tab or by directly reporting the complaint to

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