JobsCayman FAQ

You would need to register as a Person first, then as an Employer.

JobsCayman no longer offers this service. Contact Customs & Border Control at 649-4579 for your travel history report.

You would need a valid Trade & Business License (if it is in review, the old Trade & Business License and the receipt of the pending one), - Annual Returns (if it is a Ltd. Company), - Authorization Letter (if you are registering the business on the behalf of the Employer), and - A Valid ID.

Once logged into the portal, select “New”, then “Submit Job Post”, then select the Employer Name. Once that is done you will be able to see all the job posts.

On the screen that you will see once you log in, you will see “Review Applicant(s)”. Click on it, and you will see all persons that have been applied.

Once you have logged on, select “New”, then select “Update Employer Profile”, select the Employer Name, scroll down to “Manage Associated Agent/Person” and put in the Person Registry ID Number, hit search and select Delegated Contact and Recruiter Admin, then hit “Submit” at the bottom. (Make sure you have the Person Registry ID number from “Update Person Profile” for the selected person(s))

You would need to register as a Person first, once your registration is approved, you can then register as a JobSeeker.

Registration is not necessary to search for jobs. Visit the Job Search page on You can use key words to find jobs in certain categories or select 'perform search' and see a list of all available jobs posted on the portal. To apply for the position you will need to be registered on JobsCayman.

Yes. Multiple users can be assigned in the capacities of Delegate, Admin Recruiter and Recruiter. The Primary user would have to authorize for these roles to be assigned to the company’s account.


Not at this time. We suggest you select the code which best represents your overall business.

Yes. All persons wishing to use the system will be required to complete a “Person” registration first before moving on to register as an Employer.

Not at this time.

All job seekers will be self-referrals.

Enough details to capture specifically why the job seeker was unsuccessful.

Not necessarily. All other due diligence will still apply when applying for a Work Permit.

To organize jobs into clearly defined set of groups according to the tasks and duties undertaken in the job. It will also assist with the collection of data on the labour market.

No. A person can be removed as the primary user or delegated user of a company's account at any time. Therefore, if a person moves on to work with another company, they would have to be removed from their current employer's account. The removal or adding of a person to a company’s account is the responsibility of the employer/company.

The amount of Work Permit fee categories are based off of the ISCO Codes (International Standard Classification of Occupations).

Yes. Your CIGNET access allows you to use other available E-Government services.

All employer registrations must first go through a verification process whereby proof of authorization to act on behalf of the company must be provided.

The company would have to update their information on the portal to allow the agent access to their account.

The job title is the specific name of the position held by an employee, and the job occupation category determines the industry.

Yes. Proof of Caymanian documentation can be either of the following: Voter registration card; An Acknowledgment Letter from WORC (formerly Immigration Department); Birth certificate (and birth certificate that indicates one parent was born in the Cayman Islands, or both parents were born outside of the Cayman Islands with a copy of the Caymanian parents Caymanian Status Certificate, if resident status of the parents was obtained prior to the client’s birth); Caymanian Status Certificate; Stamp in a valid passport indicating the Caymanian Status.

Yes after 2 hours.

The individual will be responsible for updating their status on the system. It is also against the law not to report when your status changes.

This feature is not available at the moment. However, if a person has the Extended Job Seeker package, they have the option of being assigned to an Employment Services Officer who can give them one-on-one help. For other persons, the onus is on the job seeker to log in to the system to see what new positions have been posted.

Yes. The government will also use this platform to post vacancies.

Those designated as Special Economic Zone companies are exempt and will not be required to post on the system.

Companies with a Trade and Business License will have to be in compliance at the time of registration and proof their valid T&B will have to be uploaded to the system.

Yes, they will be valid for fourteen calendar (14) days.

Yes. Employer Profiles have the ability to share access. This facilitates 3rd party agents acting on behalf of the employer as well as access within the employer’s company to multiple staff members. The Employer will be responsible for managing who has access to their Employer Profile and the level of access granted or revoked for each profile. Also the Employer can give full access to a delegated staff member to operate as the owner.

No, as each company will have to create its own employer profile and post its own jobs.

Yes. However, if an error is identified on a job post after it goes live, it cannot be changed and will have to be requested to be removed. A new job post would have to be created and submitted.

No. This feature is not available.

On the screen that you will see once logged in, a RJA case will appear named as “Review Applicant(s)” under Activity. Click on it, and you will see all persons that have been applied.

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