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FOI Request: #101491

The number of employees in the Employment Services Unit that have ALL of the following:-
  - High School Diploma
  - Associates Degree
  - Bachelors Degree
  - Masters

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FOI Request: 90121

Number of persons/entities under investigation for WORC related offences for the past 6 months and Cases settled for WORC related offenses for the past 6 months. Click here

FOI Request:
This request is for information on the number of Permanent Residency grants issued in the years 2020 & 2021 with respect to the following categories;
  - Substantial Business Presence
  - Direct Investment
  - Independent Means (25 years)
  - Independent Means (Indefinite PR)

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“I  also request copies of any Cabinet Directives/Cabinet Policy Directives that provide that temporary work permits are exempt from advertising requirements and any Cabinet Directives/Cabinet Policy Directives which includes a list of occupations that are exempt from advertisements.
These Directives have been referred to by the interim Director of WORC and due to the lack of response from the interim Director and the Ministry of Border Control and Labour for months, I write to request copies of these records via FOI now.

*Note that this request includes Directives issued by the previous iteration of 'Governor-in-Council' or 'Executive Council'.”


I write in answer specifically to the below portion of your request, as the Cabinet Office has responded to the first part of your request.  I have confirmed with the DG, Mr. Franz Manger (former CIO of the then Department of Immigration) and the former Acting CIO, Mr. Bruce Smith that the waiver of adverts for unskilled TWP’s was in fact a department policy and not a directive of Cabinet, of what was then the Department of Immigration (now WORC).  I have not been able to locate a written record of such policy and in fact I have not been able to confirm that a written policy ever existed.  Neither, have I been able to determine with any accuracy the date that this policy came into effect.  However I believe that it was in effect as far back as 2007, if not further.  Please find attached copies of emails from the DG and form Acting CIO Bruce Smith. 

*Note that the attached emails were redacted to remove the applicant’s name and personal information.

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WORC's Monthly Department Stats Report
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Decisions of the Ombudsman Office
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