Guidance Notes

Administrator - Guidance Notes For Decisions - Jan 2013 v3

The POLICY GUIDANCE NOTES are intended to clarify the responsibility of the Work Permit administrator (WPA, WP Administrator, Administrator).  They explain what the Department expects from the Administrator and what the Administrator can expect from the Immigration Department.  Employees have certain obligations to the Department, the Management Team, fellow Employees (as internal customers), customers and the general public. 

This handbook is designed for the Administrator to learn about their daily work requirements. Each WP Administrator must read, understand, and comply with all the provisions of this Handbook. The Handbook describes many of the responsibilities for a Work Permit Administrator.  Please note that this handbook is consistent with the Cayman Islands Immigration Law (2013 Revision).

These policies cannot anticipate every circumstance or question about regarding decisions. Changes to these policies and procedures, both oral and written, may be made periodically by the CIO in effort to update or comply with legal requirements.  The Immigration Department reserves the exclusive right or unilateral authority to alter, amend, modify, eliminate, add to, interpret and apply the policies outlined in this handbook, as well as, all the business, operational and employment practices, as management believes is necessary to promote overall best interests and conformity to the applicable Laws of the Cayman Islands.  

The responsibility for interpreting the policies, procedures is entirely that of the Management Team with final consultation from the Chief Immigration Officer, if required.  Regardless of the statements guidance provided by this booklet, made in this booklet, we reserve the right, consistent with the applicable laws, and based on the best interests of the Cayman Islands to amend these policies as appropriate.


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