How To File A Complaint

Upon receipt of the complaint, WORC would follow the necessary procedure:

Customer Care Staff Resolution:
Frontline staff receives the complaint and seeks to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem.


Complaints Section:
The Complaints Manager or delegate receives a complaint which could not be resolved by Customer Care Staff, or a Complainant who has submitted the Complaints Form through email, in person, or by mail:

i. An Acknowledgment Notification: This notification will be sent automatically by email of receipt of the complaint. It will provide a unique reference number and a time frame when the complainant can expect a response.

ii. The Complaints Manager will clarify whether the issue submitted satisfies the definition of a complaint as outlined in this Policy;

a. If the issue does not satisfy the complaints definition in this Policy, the Complaints Manager will send a Response Letter within ten (10) working days explaining why it is not a complaint.

b. If the issue satisfies the complaints definition in this Policy, the Complaints Manager will commence an investigation.

Investigation Correspondence:

Within twenty (20) working days of receiving the complaint, the Complaints Manager will send a Final Response Letter. This Letter will summarize the outcome of the investigation. It will state the position taken, whether the complaint was accepted or rejected, and include reasons for the decision. It will also include any offers that WORC intends to make to the complainant. If the complainant is not satisfied with this response or believe that they have a compensation case, they can appeal to the Director of WORC within five (5) working days in receipt of the Final Response Letter).

Appeal Response Letter by Director (sent within ten (10) working days of receipt of an Appeal Letter). This Letter will either uphold or reject the decision outlined in the Final Response Letter, explain how WORC intends to offer redress or advise why it was rejected. If persons are still dissatisfied with the decision, they must appeal to the Ombudsman Office.

 Additional Time Letter If the complaint takes longer than twenty (20) working days to resolve, the Complaints Manager will contact the complainant before or at this time, with a written explanation detailing the reasons for the delay or make a request seeking additional time.

If the complaints, incidents, or misconduct allegations are related to corruption, the Complaints Manager will refer the matter to the Anti-Corruption Commission and notify the Director of WORC and the Deputy Director of Compliance.


When collecting information relating to the complaint, it will be used only to deal with the complaint or to address systemic issues arising from the complaint.

However, there is no obligation on WORC to maintain secrecy or restrict information disclosure to the Ombudsman for a complaint investigation.