Grounds to Make Complaints

Formal complaints should be made by or on behalf of a named individual or group of individuals (this includes companies and other corporate bodies).

A complainant may make a formal complaint of maladministration, i.e., inefficient, wrong, or improper administration and includes-

  • WORC staff misconduct or anything done or omitted in the exercise of their duties;
  • poor or unreasonable delays in services;
  • abuse of power;
  • knowingly provides misleading or inadequate advice;
  • refusal to answer reasonable questions; and
  • failure to adequately monitor compliance with procedures e.g.
      a. neglect to inform a complainant about their rights or entitlement, or
      b. neglect to tell them of their right to appeal to the Ombudsman.

If WORC determines that an issue is not a formal complaint, it will seek to channel the enquiry through the appropriate section and inform the customer accordingly.